How to Order

For an estimate, we'll need to know the following when you contact us (813-657-4300 or

Screen Printing

Number of shirts and sizes - The more shirts the lower the price per shirt. Small to XL T-shirts cost the same. 2XL and larger cost more.

Color(s) in your design (limit 5) -  Multiple colors mean longer set-up time. We have to "burn" a screen/template for each color and then load them on the press so that the colors line up correctly. Our minimums are -  1 color: 10 shirts,  2 colors: 24 shirts,  3 colors: 48 shirts,  4 colors and more: 72 shirts

T-shirt style and color (See our online catalog.) - We have to lay down a white base when printing on dark T-shirts, which adds another color if white isn't part of your design.

Location of imprint on shirt - front, back, sleeve, tag under back collar, etc. Each location is a separate screen, set-up and printing. The more locations the longer it takes.

What artwork you have - The best thing is to have your artwork in vector format (eps, Illustrator, CorelDraw,). But we usually can work with a .jpg (high resolution is best) or even scan in a drawing, which we usually do for free. If you don't have a design, we can help (additional charge may apply).

Turnaround time - Our standard turnaround time is five to 10 business days after the art is finalized and approved, but we can usually beat that.


Show us the art - Send us a jpg or gif of your art (high resolution is best), so we can estimate stitch count and see how well it will embroider. It needs to be recreated as embroidery file our machines can read, which is a one-time minimum fee of $50.

Are you providing the shirts or are you buying from us (See our online catalog)? - We're happy to embroider most standard apparel items you provide, such as golf shirts and dress shirts, but some shirts and many styles of hats and jackets don’t embroider well.* So check with us before you buy to make sure it’s good to go. Better yet, buy through us (10-item minimum) and we’ll discount our embroidery services. It's less expensive to buy through us than if you buy retail and bring it in to be embroidered. *NOTE: We can’t embroider non-apparel items like bags or backpacks you provide; these must be bought through us.

Location of embroidery on the item - Left front chest is most common on shirts, front and side on hats. Many like logos on the sleeve or on the back under the collar, etc. But each location is priced individually because each involves a separate set-up.

Turnaround - As with screen printing, our standard turnaround time is five to 10 business days after the art is finalized and approved.