If you're looking to transform a sport shirt or hat into a billboard for your business or club, then embroidery is for you.

One-Stop Shop
We're happy to embroider most standard apparel items you provide, such as golf shirts and dress shirts, but some shirts and many styles of hats and jackets don’t embroider well.* So check with us before you buy. Better yet, buy through us (10-item minimum) and we’ll discount our embroidery services. It's usually less expensive than if you buy retail. We offer a wide selection of popular brands, including Columbia, UltraClub, adidas, Flexfit and more. Visit our showroom or browse our online catalog to see for yourself.

*NOTE: We can’t embroider non-apparel items like bags or backpacks you provide; these must be bought through us.

We can turn almost any logo or artwork into an embroidered design. Your artwork first must be set up and converted to a format our embroidery machines can read. We'll need a digital file to work with, high resolution preferred. We accept most file formats (jpg, gif, pdf, eps). Your artwork can have up to 15 colors, the maximum number of spools our embroidery machines can run at one time. Small letters or fine details may not embroider well, so we may have to tweak your design to get the best results.

In addition to a one-time minimum set-up fee of $50* for each design, pricing is based on how long your artwork takes to embroider. Stitch count is the primary indicator. The more stitches, the longer the run time.** Most designs range from 4,000 to 10,000 stitches, about $10 to $12 per location.

*Set-up fee may be more for more complicated for larger designs. **More than 5 or 6 thread-color changes may also increase run time/cost.