Screen Printing


Today, there are a variety of techniques to decorate garments. But the centuries-old art form of screen printing is still the best way to produce vibrant, richly colored designs, especially on black garments. It's also the least expensive and fastest way to produce larger quantities.

How it works
First, the graphic artist digitally breaks down the design into its different colors and prints each color on a separate piece of film. The image on each film is transferred or "burnt" to a mesh screen via a special photographic process. The printer loads the screens onto a press, places the garment onto a platen, lowers the screen onto the garment and, using a squeegee, pushes ink through the screen to re-create the image. Lastly, the garment is sent through a conveyor-belt dryer to cure the ink.

There are many variables to consider when pricing screen printing: garment style, color and quantity; number of colors in the design; number and location of imprints; special inks and effects, etc. See our How to Order page and Contact Us for a fast estimate.

Why the minimums?
It's all in the preparation. Preparing color separations, printing films and burning screens for each color, mounting screens, all this set-up takes time. The more colors the more time. Like all screen printers, we have minimums to ensure a job is not too costly for us or for you. Our minimums are:

1 color: 10 shirts     2 colors: 24 shirts     3 colors: 48 shirts     4 colors and more: 72 shirts